Wednesday, September 2, 2009

iPhone - iPod Cases by Gadget Armour

I've got a few Etsy finds I would like to brag about. I like my handmade soaps and my iPhone cases. Lets start with Gadget Armour.

Gadget Armour provides Padded sleeves for your iPhone or iPod Classic and iTouch. Most Etsy seller make these without padding and I really prefer light padding since I also want to protect my iPhone. They are not only pretty but very functional. The best of both worlds. Stop by and check them out at Gadget Armour

Now, let's talk handmade soap. OMG...I love these two Etsy sellers. By far my favorite soap sellers on Etsy. Dennis Anderson makes awsome soap. Many people say the handmade soaps do not lather well but I assure you, Dennis Anderson has the best lathering soap on Etsy. He also makes a beer soap for the men in your life. My favorite is the Pomegranate. Visit his shop today at Dennis Anderson Soap Co.

Finally, there is Savor Soap. I must say, she has amazing fragrances for her soap. I am not a food scent person but more of a floral girl. My favorite is Princess Bride. Her soap smells very good but I find it doesn't lather nearly as well as Dennis Anderson Soaps. Her scents keep me coming back for more though. Visit Savor Soap today.


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